Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. Normally it works pretty well but with the recent earthquake in the Indian Ocean, this article is receiving over 3 edits per minute. People are overwriting others changes.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Rauchen Verboten

On Friday New Zealand no smoking laws came in to effect. We celebrated by going out to the pub. It was nice coming back without the stink of smoke in your clothes and hair, no to mention the health benefits

Added some more pictures

I have just added some more pictures from China and Mexico. It is not hard to tell which photos belong to which country. A lot of the Chinese photos look fuzzy or out of focus, this is because of the very large amounts of air pollution in Beijing.


A street next to the hotel.

Mountain range

A mountain range I saw as I was flying out of Beijing

Beihai park

Beihai park in Beijing


The sign says that I am a hero for climbing the Great Wall. Well actually the translation is: "One who fails to reach the Great Wall would not be regarded as a hero" - Chairman Mao


Hills surrounding the Wall

Yes that's me

Here I am at the Great Wall


Climbing the Great Wall of China

Building at the Ming Tombs


Some important guy on a horse. This is in the midle of a very large roundabout.


Skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. The eye could see further if it wasn't for the smog.


Sunset in Beijing


Looking down from my hotel room

Chinese power points

Power points in China take New Zealand style plugs! (Upside down). They also take American style ones too. Most hotels have these but I'm not sure about out of the way places.


A thirsty Monkey


A Tucan

Cancun street

The streets of Cancun. Note the white paint on the bottom of the trees. This is done for asthetics and to stop bugs crawing up (so I was told).

Cancun from the air

I took this photo as we were flying out of Cancun. You can see on the wing of the aircraft that i was flying Mexicana. The Hotel is to the far left of the picture.

Going down

Climbing down the pyramid, its really steep.